Bunã . Am sã trec 7 propoziți la interogativ,trecutul simplu : 1.They know the way to the city centre. 2.He tought it was funny. 3.They studied abrood .4 .He got angry with the children . 5 .They won the match .6. He draw to the airport .7. The train stapped suddenly .8. The dog escaped trough the fence . Vã rog....



Did they know the way to the city center?
Did he thought it was funny?
Did they studied abrood?
Did he got angry with the children?
Did they won the match?
Did he draw to the airport?
Did the train stopped suddenly?
Did the dog escaped through the fence?
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1.Did they know the way to the city centre?
2.Did he think that it was funny?
3.Where did they study?
4.With whom did he get angry?
5.Did they win the match?
6.Where did he draw? 
7.How did the train stap?
8.How did the dog escape? 
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