Va rog frumos ajuta-tima la engleza
Open the brachets in the sentences below using the past simple past progesive and past perfect
a)before the mechanic ( to install ) the new eguipment ,he (to examine) it thoroughly).
b) After Cornel (to write) the poem delicated to his mother , he (to read ) it to his elder brother
c) Andy (to buy ) this book in the best book shop of our town ,
d) When I ( to enter ) the classroom , the student on duty (to clean ) the blackboard.
e) When Alina ( to enter ) the clasroom ) , the teacher ( to start )already the lesson .
f) While I (to do ) my homework , my younger sister (to draw ) a picture .



A)inainte mecanic instalator,noi utilaje second,el il examineaza bine (scz ,aici n-am stiut in rest toate traducerile sunt bune ) ;)
b)Dupa ce Cornel scrie poemul delicat mamei sale ,el ii citeste fratelui  sau mai mare
c)Andy cumpara aceasta carte in cel mai bun magazin din orasul nostru
d)Cand am intrat in sala de clasa ,elevul de serviciu  curata tabla
e)Cand Alina intra in clasa ,profesorul deja a inceput lectia
f)In timp ce eu imi fac temele ,sora mea  mai mica deseneaza o imagine

Dami un Multumesc ,plizz sau niste stelute daca se poate !