Turn the sentences into reported speech (using the past tense) 1.Iam ill. 2.They met him last year. 3.They went away yesterday. 4.I fell downstairs. 5.she has given a present. 6.How could you be so unkind? 7.Why are you so sad? 8.Which book are you taking? 9.Did you see Peter yesterday? 10.Does your car alawys make a nasty smell? 11.Did the greengrocer have fresh vegetables? 12.Can you lend me this book?



1.I said that i was ill.
2.He/she said that they had met him last year.
3.He/she said that they had gone away yesterday.
4.I said that i had felt downstairs.
5.She said that she had given a present
6.He/she asked how had I could be so unking.
7.He/she asked me why I was so sad.
8.He/she asked which book I  was taking.
9.He/she asked me if i had seen Peter the previous day.
10.He/she asked me if my car had always made a nasty smell.
11.He/she asked me if the greengroces had fresh vegetables.
12.He/she asked me if I could lend him/her that book.
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