Underline the correct word.
1 She was so deep/anxious in thought that she didn't hear me knock on the door.
2 All the waiters in the restaurant were wearing clean costumes/uniforms.
3 Pizzas and hamburgers are types of junk/low-fat food.
4 When John benefits/retires, he is planning to travel around the world.
5 Doctors help ill/sick people.
6 Carol is on a strict/serious diet.
7 The new manager worked hard to improve/provide working conditions in the hotel.
8 Dianne has treated/trained thousands of patients in Angola.
9 Suddenly the boat began lifting/rocking from side to side.
10 There was no one on the beach. It was deserted/crowed.
11 This hospital has high experiences/standards of health care.
12 Jim noticed dark clouds wich had gathered/covered overhead.



Deep costumes junk retires ill strict improve treated lifting deserted standards covered
1 3 1
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1. deep
2. uniforms
3. junk
4. retires
5. sick
6. strict
7. improve
8. treated
9. rocking
10. deserted
11. standards
12. gathered
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