Hey! Am nevoie de o mica povestire foarte simplista despre ce am facut de Paste! De ex am stat acasa...la 12 am fost la Inviere! cateva prop!

This Ester I have rested home with my parents and my sister [daca ai ] .
I painted eggs with my mother and sister. Day I went out with the girls to a juice. In the afternoon I sat in the house and I played with my sister.
I've been to resurrection.On the Sunday of Easter eggs I have violent disagreement with his family ,with the relatives,with friends and acquaintances. I have not eaten cakes ,made by his mother, where I've had a little bit.
Mai vrei?


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Easter I was a grandparents. In the evening we stayed outside till 11: 30. At 12 I went to resurrection. On the first day of Easter, I returned to the city
 .Easter I did many nice things.At 12 we was in tha Resurrection.I visitid the dear people.This Easter was great ! Sper sa tte ajute,daca vrei iti mai dau 
poti sa mai imi dai! :P
Pai... poti baga inainte de ultima propozitie asta... We honest to God. Red eggs were present.