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I finally arrived and long awaited spring ....! With her ​​nature and she took white robe , worn throughout winter and awoke to life!Little pale sun creeps its rays through tree branches asleep. The green grass begins to sprout . Migratory birds are returning quiet in warm countries , knowing that here , in their country unchanged will find a place where they will nest and will multiply . Lark singing with her ​​sweet voice , masterful singing that enchants all of nature . Walking in the air flowers smell wonderful . The fields and hills are seen in number multiplied plapanzii snowdrops, listening to the rustle loved nature. In spring garden is a pond with fresh water and crystalline . All around are only colorful flowers .The youngest daughter of the year brought with it much joy . It is like a dream, birds of all kinds with their chirping , flowers of all colors that refreshes nature, the fresh grass , the source of the crystalline and the most important element , the sun that send people a ray of hope !