Ce inseamna : It was the best year ever !

I had the greatest time :

I went to the funfair and the zoo

This year eas really fine!

oh ,what a year,

what a year it was!

the best year of my life !

exercitiu 4). (complectati.) € 1. look janet ................. a) is skipping b) skipping 2. look at .......... in time photo .we`re swimming a) we b) us 3. She ............ got fair hair and blue eyes. a) has b) have



A fost cel mai bun an din totdeauna!
Am avut parte de cele mai frumoase momente
Am fost la balci si la gradina zoologica
Acest an a fost cu adevarat bun.
oh,ce an,
ce an a fost!
cel mai bun an din viata mea!

1.look janet is skipping
2.look at us in time photo
3.she has got fair hair and blue eyes
A fost cel mai tare an!
M-am distrat
Am fost la un parc de distractie si la zoo
Anul acesta a fost chiar dragut!

O, ce an
Ce an a fost
Cel mai tare din viata mea!

1. a)
2. b)
3. a)