Life isn't always easy but you have to fight 
When yu don't have ups and dowwns in  lif it eans that you are dead
Life is like a piano it has nic day like the white  claps and it has sad days like theblack ones,so you nedd happiness and sadness in your life for it to be complete
Life is the best teacher you will get
Life gives you test and after a lesson unlike school
During one's life plenty of exams have to be taken. Some will know the success, some won't. Why is that happening? Natural selection, cognitive or emotional development, or just the faith?

Trying to define life's exams we can observe that even moments like birth, marriage or death are exams. Besides these three moments, exams can be about professional development, personal development, spiritual or religious involvement or just dealing with nervous people, reaching the shop before the closing hours or making the best cookie for your boyfriend.

In my opinion, life's exams can be passed by having the right attitude towards what is happening to you. The way you relate with others and the way you respond to what is happening to you are key aspects to pass the exams. Why don't we rely first on ourselves? Why shall we look for guilty ones, like our parents, our neighbors, our colleagues, when in fact the answers find itself within each one's soul/mind?