Write an article for your class magazine.Don't forget to mention:
~Which films are on TV or at your local cinema this week.
~Which films your friends should see.
~Use:must be,might be,can't be to say how good you think they are.Why?
~What have you heard about them?
Thank you anticipated !!!



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My classmates are movies lovers. We together we'll go to the cinema to see the last movie from The Expendables. We also we want to see movie like Hangover or The Dictator. We love to see comedy movies and after we see the movie we like to comment every move that main carecter did .After Paul Walker dead we were very sad and we wondered if the Fast&Furios series will be continued. When we heard that the productors are trying to continue the series of fast&furios we were very happy. If this would work it might be the best movie where   after the main carecter deaths he will be still present in the show

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