Faceti intrebari si rapunsuri cu cuvintele: 1.Who/he/invite/to teparty/Maria
2.Where/tey/go shooping/at the mall
3.Why/Jane and Mother/need/butter/to make a cake
4.When/you/go swimming/on Monday
De genul:Tom / want / to buy / a tub of ice cream
What does Tom want to buy?
He wants to buy a tub of ice cream.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. Who do they want to invite to the party?
They want to invite Maria to the party.

2.Where did they go?
They went shopping at the mall.

3. Why do Jane and Mother need butter?
Jane and Mother need butter to make a cake

4. When do you go swimming?
I go swimming on Monday
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