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Initially, I wanted to stay home and beautiful weather outside I walk out at 9, when I went to the cemetery to light again candles on the graves of loved ones passed away. At 10 I left the sea and went barefoot through the sand (I want that much for that summer can not go to sea because of health), and then I went a little to the Bulgarians, to see the golden sands, so we passed through Varna, Albena (where we stopped for a bit), then I went to Russian and back acasa.M 23 I had fun all day for that (I tell you to smile even), my husband broke the stomach because macarurilor Bulgarian and stopped every two km. Altogether it was beautiful! It's true that the holidays is nice to stay home near their loved ones, but I I took my loved ones who have left and we need plimbat.Simteam, for that during the week I have no time for anything.