Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1....    In my soul hide much a desire and a dream. I imagine that when I'm big I will build a car of the future. For that you have to know very well mathematics, physics and English. I would go online and order different books and tools. One day I will have the knowledge needed to build the car of the future. It would be like a clock when I press the red button, languages ​​leads to r before at least until I press the green button and vice versa. For example, if I wanted to go in aul 2100, I press the red button up, and when the clock shows me the desired year, I press the green button. There were blocks of 60-70 floors. No man would be poor. The city would stay in the air. The terraces are beautiful gardens and pools in which all children should get free. I'm sure that by luck and effort you could build a car of the future and I could go there.       2......My opinion is that we can not know how to be! When we think of the future think of a life like this, the more advanced gadgets! For example, 50 years ago people believed that 2011 will be robots with square heads and stumpy bodies or in their most terrible dreams he could not imagine a touch phone!
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