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Complete the sentences with the correct form of make,let or (not) allowed to and the verbs in brackets

1. You should't ..... prople..... your computer withous asking. (use)
2. When I was fourten, I ..... after ten o clock at night. (not/stay out)
3. My brother .....his mountain bije. (borrow)
4. The police .....the boys .....their pockets. (empty)
5. phones into the classrooms. (not/take)
6. His the teacher. (apologise)



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1. You shouldn't let people use your computer without asking.
2. When I was fourteen, I wasn't allowed to stay out after ten o' clock at night.
3. My brother sometimes doesn't let me borrow his mountain bike.
4. The police made the boys empty their pockets.
5. We are not allowed to take mobile phones into the classrooms.
6. His father made him apologise to the teacher
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