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In this spring I had a lot of fun in the Easter. I was with my whole family. We laughed and we joked! First, we decided to watch a film. After that, we bumped the Easter eggs and eated lamb with potatoes. Yum!
After that, my parents and my grandparents went on the balcony, while I watched TV and played with my dog. When they came, we played a board game. I was the winner!
At five o' clock it was the presents time! I gave the presents first. For my mom and dad I made a greeting card and for my grandparents a vase painted by me! They loved their presents! Then, my mom gave me a Lego Police set, my dad gave me a board game, my grandmother gave me a lot of chocolate and candies and my grandfather gave me a rucksack, and in it there was a Lego toy! Wow, I love my presents!

                                             I had a happy Easter!!!

sper ca te-am ajutat :)
wow!mersi mult .e foarte frumoasa compunerea!