Cine imi da si mie un rezumat unei carte de William Shakespeare Am nevoie la Engleza va rog frumos sa fie nici lung nici scurt si cat de cat din mintea voastra ]va roggggggggggggggggggggggg :((((((((((((( sa fie in limba engleza dar si tradus



Iti voi da rezumatul carti Hamlet de William Shakespeare in engleza e buna?
ok stai putin sa o traduc
offf profesoara mea sunt deabea in a7a ce ia venit
Hamlet,the young prince of Denmark,returned from studies show the one night , the castle walls Elsinor ghost of his father, who reveals that he was foully murdered by his own brother,the current King Claudius,who pushed crime to marry the wife of the murdered Hamlet's mother .
O voi pune pe bucati pentru ca cu ma lasa sa o pun pe toata in acest comentariu
The young prince , inclined wire studies and reflection events seen brutally forced to act and to avenge his father. He simulated insanity, accumulating evidence and seeking revenge right time , always hesitating to act.
Putting some strolling players to play a piece that reconstructs the circumstances of the murder, Hamlet surpirnde reaction which betrays Claudius , thus acquiring a new sample of his guilt .
In order to fulfill its duty vindictive , Hamlet sacrificed his love for Ophelia , who drowned and whose father , courtier Polonius killed him taking him as king.
Laerţiu brother Ophelia , Hamlet causes him to a duel , and the king 's sword tip poisons . Hamlet dies , but not before killing the king and queen drinks poison .
Norwegian Prince Fortinbras occupy the throne , bringing homage to Hamlet
Hamlet, son of the king of Denmark, is summoned home for the funeral of the father and mother's wedding to his uncle. Following a bizarre episode, youth discovers that his uncle, who comes to hate him, is guilty of the death of King. Hate Hamlet disappointment we make a plan to make downright evil. 
Simulates madness (or not) kills the prime minister, loves and then ignore a young innocent who eventually goes mad, uncle conspired against conspire against two well-meaning friends, and finally carries out Finally revenge against his uncle, but the cost of living of many close, threatening his life and his mother.
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