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Opera started in a public square in Verona where Sampson and Geson talks about their hatred for the Montague family. Benvolio then makes its appearance and trying to separate them, but the fight continues once you come and Tybalt. All of them were persuaded to give up conflict by children of both families. Then Lady Montague asks Romeo and Benvolio and Montague make plans to make him give up the love that consumes him.
In the second scene of act 1, Capulet tells Paris that he wants to marry Juliet, but he does not give up easily. Romeo is the servant of Capulet that there will be a party at the palace and decides to participate. Juliet is announced to his mother that Paris wishes to take in marriage, but she refuses. Organized by the Capulet party, Romeo, Mercutio together, Benvolio and Tybalt are emerging. But wearing masks, Romeo manages to talk his heart chosen and even kiss. After that, the three friends who had accompanied Romeo, is that it has crept into the garden to talk to Juliet Capulet. After this, Romeo goes to Father Lorenzo to pray to marry the two lovers. I bow Rogge: *: *
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