I used to dream about happy things. but last night, i dreamt about something misterious.
My father was leaving us and i felt so alone. Ti-am facut cateva propozitii, e ok ? :)) de aici cred ca poti continua tu ideea
Uau ce mult ai de scris la engleza... dar in fine. Sper ca nu e prea tarziu sa te ajut. Ai putea sa zici:
I was sitting at my desk, writing a story. It was about a far away planet, called LC9. That planet was out of its resources, so the leader of LC9 and some other little aliens took their ships and began their journey to Earth. Some of the ships had caught fire and only two of them had survived. The aliens got out from their ships and came to inspect their future "house" --- the Earth. They liked Earth. The aliens made a plan on how to conquer our planet.
They were able to read other people's minds so it was easy for them. Suddenly, I felt someone behind me. I turned back and almost fainted of fear. I saw the two aliens right next to me, talking about some things which of course I didn't understand. Then, I felt someone shake me, and when I opened my eyes I was sitting at my desk, with my pen still in hand. My mother had shaken me, trying to wake me up because I was sleeping... si apoi continui tu (sper sa intelegi ce am scris aici)
Si sper ca te-am ajutat. Scuze ca am scris aici dar nu am avut unde altundeva. Acest text este pentru Ramoneeel.