Dialogul in romana sau in engleza ?

nu e de pe calculator?
E din minte
e bine bravo
multumesc daca te-am ajutat poti sa dai cel mai bun raspuns
da acuș
             Today is friday.My favourite day of the week!Every friday night is the same:  more internet, more music and more junk food.But today is the last day of school, after it, the sweet holiday.I planed it for a long time ago.My and my class are going to watch a movie, and not an ordinary movie. We wait to put this movie a lot. I am just too happy.And I hope to be a cool evening which everybody will remember!!Oh look .... we arived to the ticket office.
             - Good evening sir! Me and my friends want 10 tickets to ”Monte Carlo”
             - Good evenig little lady! I am sorry, the tickets for theat movie are out!Can I recommending you another movie? 
             - Yeah, of course!
             - You can see ”Now is Good”, but be ready to cry, it is a sad movie!My daughter and I saw this last week.It is awesome and the end of the story is kinda sad ...
             - Guys, do you want to see this movie?
             - Yeah ...
             - How much are the tickets?
             - They are 50 (fifty) dolars.
             - Here they are!
             - Enjoy the movie!
             - Thank you and have a nice evening!
             - You too! 
        The movie was great and the ticket seller was right, the end of the movie was realy sad and we cried a lot! But the evening was the best.I love to go at the cinema!!
mie îmi trebuie nu la fil bilete ci pentru o călătorie
nu la film
Ohh ...