Write a letter in 200 words.
You recently tried to sell an old camera on an Internet auction site , but had some problems. You want to share your expeiences with a friend . rite a letter to your friend , explaining what happens, what you did about it, how it affected you.



Hey dylan,

thanks for uor letter it made my day better.How are your sisters?Is uor mother feeling better?Whenare you going to visit me?How's in Japan?
Here the weather is rainy as always and you won't believe what happened to me this week.I wanted to sell my old camera on the internet,you know the one with we have taken with us in the last trip.SO I put it on  the internet and after 2 days I got a call from an old lady who was interested in it but she couldn't come over because she was in a wheelchair and couldn't live the masion because of her overprotectiv son who was afraid of her condition to not get worser.So I offered to go to bring it to her and she accepted happily,The lady gave me the addres and the nest they I went to the hause.The strange thing was that the house was in the middle of nowhere,in some kind of forest.Finally, in some way I found a big mansion that looked older then 100 years old.I went nearer and then  i saw an old men.I asked him about the old lady and he answered to me that the old lady was her mother who died of cancer 40 years ago.I was shocked because I heard the ladies voice clearly in the phone.After that they her voice rang in my ears every time I think about the incident,I'm still confused and a litlle scared.This was the strangest thing that happend to me.I try to forget it but it will take time because it was very creepy and I don't think that i will get over it.
Hope you come back soon.
                                                                     Your friend,Jane
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