Dear Kim,

How are you today? I didn't know you address or phone number but now I found your address so I can write a letter to you.I'm very well here, the weather is snowing, and it's also very cold. Next week, my friends and I will go skiing. Do you want go to ski with us? But I need you to tell me your answer, and then I can prepare some things.
I hope to see you soon. Have a nice day.

Your friend,



I just arrived in England, is a cold weather here, rain incontinuu.I I'm sorry I can not get to Easter to you. Please do not mind, but I did not get a reply to your letter two days ago. When I come back I'll get something nice for your new home. I'll be busy taking pictures, I buy clothes, I go visit famous museums!

                                                                       With love,Ashly
google translate,cu siguranta
este cea mai usoara:) incepi cu dear,(name) incepi si povestesti avand un limbaj cat mai simplu si inchei cu love(your name),hope to see you soon,hope hearing from you ..