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  From my point of view, Romania`s future is not so bright.Life wont get easyer by the passing of years and thats becouse of the political problems we have nowadays.In the future peoples will get even fewer workplaces than now, our youngsters will be fewer and fewer since the families wont aford to have childrens anymore.The economy will colapse even more since there wont be any young peoples to support old ones.Also the minorities ratings will jump through the roof, making our country less populated by us and more by the minorities.So, in my opinion, Romania won't exist in the future.

   E doar un model, si un adevar dur din pacate. Sper ca stii engleza in caz ca ti se pun intrebari din el.Spor la treaba !
As long as the politicians that rule our country are born and raised before 89, life won't get any better because their mentality and their way of seeing things are both old-fashioned and not so fair. In my opinion, Romania will be a good country to live in when my generation will lead it and someone will put at end to the corruption and enprison all the people that tried to destroy or sell our country's wealths.

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