Teens' Preoccupation With Self 
To young adolescents, the subject of greatest interest is themselves. Since young adolescents do not distinguish between what others may be thinking and what they are thinking themselves, they assume every other person is as concerned with their behavior and appearance as they are. So when Mary, for example, sees two of her girlfriends whispering in the school hallway, she "knows" they are talking about her. Or when Jeff sees his parents looking his way, he is certain they are looking at him. Therefore, the hours young adolescents spend in front of the mirror or worrying about pimples are self-admiring or self-critical. They are also satisfying the "audience" they are certain is always watching.Teens' Feelings of Uniqueness 
Young teens think everyone is interested in them and that they are very special. This feeling of uniqueness is demonstrated when teens indicate that no one has ever before felt as they do, suffered so much, loved so deeply or been so misunderstood.n the teen years, kids who formerly were bundles of nonstop energy might lose interest in physical activity. Between school, studying, friends, and even part-time jobs, they have a lot of interests and responsibilities vying for their time and attention.But kids who started out enjoying sports and exercise tend to stay active throughout their lives. So they might just need a little encouragement to keep it going during adolescenceImage. It is all around us: on billboards, on television shows, in movies, and even at school. The images displayed on the screen are gorgeous girls who are ultra-thin, have perfect hair, perfect make-up, and perfect smiles. These are the girls who always get the super cute guy with bulging muscles, and great personalities. Every teenage girl wishes to be that character on television, and after a while becomes obsessed with trying to be her. They no longer care about their own self-worth and inner beauty, they only care about their outside appearance, and how others see them. This ideal image is dangerous to young teenage girls, and can be the cause of very low self-esteem. 
The biggest threat is the Media. It is a leech that sucks you dry until you have absolutely nothing left, and it is the reason so many girls have eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and lack of confidence. We are so brainwashed into thinking that this image is perfect, and is what every girl should strive for.So,the teenages are very concerned about how it looks.
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