Buna, ma poate ajuta cineva cu acest exercitiu va rog: You are going to write a composition called Holiday Time. Holiday time:Plan Paragraph1: What holidays are for Paragraph2: Bad holidays i've had-incidents and accidents Paragraph3: What i intend to do in future to make sure next holiday successful.



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   Holidays celebrate special events like birthdays or religious events and are great for spending time with your friends, family, and relax yoursellf after a long period of work.         My worst holliday was last Christmas when nothing went right, after my uncle got drunk and felt on the Christmass tree breaking it.I was very sad becouse it was to late to buy another one at that hour and theres no fun in Christmas without having a tree.                                                                   In the future i will make sure to give my uncle just pineapple juice to make sure he wont do this again.                                                                                                                             Nu stiu ce lungime vrei la ea.E doar o idee aici pe care o mai poti dezvolta daca este nevoie.  
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