1)Va rog puteti sami facece 20 de propoziti la periada pasiva si tot acele propoziti la perioada activa la engleza 2)si un eseu Monumenttele culturale si locuri de istorie din Moldova tot in engleza va rogggg foarte repede ca va dau 20 de puncte



Asta pare a tema de vacanta, insa voi incerca.

Diateza activa:
A dog has bitten him.
They had broken the mirror a few days before.
Somebody stole his gold watch.
They usually assemble cars by using robots.
His father damaged the TV yesterday.
My mother is making a cake.
My friend came when they were broadcasting the news.
The authorities are building a new street these days.
They must build a new street anyway.
My brother has just installed a new programme for me.
The party gave up the search; they couldn’t find the missing person.
He was moving the furniture when I called him.
I’ll mend my dress; I tore it.
She is going to write the composition.
He said people would move his car away.
A specialist will be repairing his computer at this time tomorrow.
She will have finished the cleaning of the room by then.
We can offer them some free tickets.
You should change your bed sheets!

Diateza pasiva (in ordinea de mai sus):
He has been bitten by a dog.
The mirror had been broken a few days before by them.
His gold watch was stole.
Cars are usually assembled by using robots.
The TV were damaged yesterday by his father.
A cake is being made be my mother.
The news were being broadcasted when my friend came.
A new street is being built these days by the authorities.
A new street must be built anyway by them.
A new programme has just been installed for me by my brother.
The search was given up.The missing person couldn’t be find.
The furniture were being moved when he were called by me.
The dress will be mended by me. It is tored.
The composition is going to be written by them.
He said his car would be moved away by people.
The computer will be being repared at this time tomorrow by a specialist..
The room will have been cleaned by then.
Some free tickets can be offered by us.
Your bed sheetsshould be changed.
A letter of complaint may be sent by our partner.

Moldova is a country full of monasteries and churches. Stefan cel Mare, the leader of Moldova between 1457 and 1504 build a monastery everytime he was winning a battle. His last years of life were peaceful. He died of illness, but he left Moldova monasteries. He was burried at Putna Monastery. Mihai Eminescu called Putna Monastery the "Romanian peoples' Jerusalem". The original monastery suffered general changes during 1653 and 1662. Another beautiful monastery is the Neamt Monastery. Inside it, you can find the icon of The Mother of God, painted in Israel in 665. Alexandru cel Bun was gifted with this icon by the byzantine emperor Ioan the VIII. This important monastery also has the oldest monastery library. You can also visit Sihastria Monastery, Varatec Monastery and many other wonderful monasteries.
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