Am scris un eseu de maxim 200 cu tema:
Imagine that you have all the money, skills and resources in the world to create the IDEAL educational system. Watch the video below and write a 200-word composition to describe what school should teach you to provide you with real education and help you become a happy and successful person.

Aș dori păreri și sfaturi.

I do not understand why most people have a problem with school system. I've never heard a child who said he liked school.
I admit. I don't fancy going to school every single morning, but I would always try to put a smile on my face. I don't want to go to school with a bad attitude because it doesn't worth. I think school as it is now can be a pleasure.
First of all, the issue isn't with the teachers. For instance, my class master is one of the best person I've met so far. He involves in a lot of activities, because he wants us to have fun. However, my classmates hate him. They want to seem much mature then they really are, they don't like a carnival organised by school or hanging out. So, what they actually enjoy doing? Staying on the Internet perhaps.
My class master will end up giving up on this teenagers and will only do his job. In fact, children are able to make school one of the best experiences in their lives. They key is in their hands.



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