Make wishes based on the given situations . Think of as many possible wishes as you can for each situation .
Example : You are tired . What do you wish ?
I wish I had gone to bed earlier last night
I wish I were sleeping now .
1 You were late for school yesterday .
2 You are not ready for the lesson .
3 You missed the concert rehearsal for the Foreign Language Week .
4 You are afraid to participate in the Public Speaking competition .
5 This is a nice classroom , but......
6 It is the 13th of February . You are busy because you have to prepare a poster for St. Valentine's Day . Ajutati-ma va rog !



1.I wish the school never exist.
2.I wish to be sick.
3.I wish I can go back in time.
4.I wish not.
5.I wish to be the best.
6.I wish I can have much time.