Ajutati-ma va rog cu toate cuvintele cheie de la Present perfect simple multumesc anticipat

prin cuvinte cheie ce vrei sa spui?cuv cu ajutorul carora se formeaza?
Exemplu:I have seen that movie twenty times.
I think I have met him once before.
There have been many earthquakes in California.
People have traveled to the Moon.
People have not traveled to Mars.
Have you read the book yet?
Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.
A: Has there ever been a war in the United States?
B: Yes, there has been a war in the United States.
have meet, have been .


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Present perfect urmeaza dupa: already, ever, just, never, not yot, so far, till now,last, since, for, recently

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Cuvintele care te ajuta sa recunosti present perfect simple sunt : since, for, yet, just , already ! Sper ca te-am ajutat ! :)
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