Invent a new type of plant. Give it name. Describe where it grows and what it looks like.

Rapid flower works fast for all diseases.
The plant of future, it grows in the darkest forest of the planet. At first it is very small but it grows very fast. It colour is a pale red.


The new plant is carnation. it grows in a tropical wet climate. it looks like a rose flower
the new plant is Exodus.It grows in a dry climate and it looks like a black petunia
The plant is called azagropholia and it grows in a rainy place, that kind of place where the rain never stops, where the sun does not come out and it stays hidden under the clouds. This type of plant is an usual one, because it is not like other plants that you have seen. It does not need anyone to grow up and survive in a place  where most of us would be afraid to step on. Azagropholia is strong on its own and it does not need anyone to stay alive.