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             Childhood remains the most beutiful period ine people's lives.In these years, most part of kids choose to play a video game in exchange for the games of the childhood.Every single child from 99' can be proud of him because he had a realy good time and an amazing childhood.
            If you go out and ask an ordinary person witch was his favourite period of his life, he will say childhood!Because childhood is the period where you discover yourself and what you want to do!For example one of my friends is into Art because in his childhood it stole his brother's art set and he started to draw on the wall. In that moment he found what he likes to do and what he will do! 
          Anotherreason for the childhood is the best is because everybody is ''free'' then and the only reason for be sad was if you ripped your pants (trousers) or not because your mom would argue you ...
         Those are my reasons for why the childhood needs to be the most awesome period os someone's life!      
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Every people go through a lot of disappointments and childhood remains the best part of life where you realy don't have any worries.