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From the first moments of life , hearing I was spoiled for Romanian language , spoken by my parents. In this language I said first mother and father , and they answered me in the same speech . I grew up with Romanian language words : I learned to tell when I'm hungry , when I'm good , or when I'm sick . Later, using the language I started to know the world , to understand and I imagine in many ways . Interact with others in the same language : Romanian ask and answer . When I look in the mirror , talking to my own image in Romanian. Thoughts and my dreams are in Romanian. Everything in my life revolves around this language , which not only speak and understand, but which has become a part of me , without which I can not imagine. However on not too much to say that I am because I speak Romanian Romanian .
Not even matter if I live or not Romania . Romania , the geographic area in which crystallized Romanian people , the people that gave birth to the Romanian language is very important. Without Romania Romanian language does not exist. But once founded , Romanian language transcend geographical territory . Romanian Language Romanian people becomes heritage , transmitted by word of mouth or by writing to all followers . In this way , wherever I find on this globe or why not outside this planet , I , like other people who speak Romanian Romanian us . As a snail carries its shell back , being everywhere and at any time at home , so I carry with me my own house - Romanian language .
If in the early years , the Romanian language was merely a tool by which we interact with other people around me over time became my homeland . It is common place where I can understand the parents , brothers and my acquaintances . On the territory of my country , consisting of Romanian language words do best to feel , to love , to dream , to think and to pray . Without my homeland , Romanian, I would feel no identity , I just viţuieşte man but does not know where it comes from and where it is going . Romanian is my country and for me because it means past, present and future
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