My favourite subject at school'It is certainly English. My English teacher was the person I loved best at school. Her lessons were always interesting and instructive. She always spoke about the importance of learning foreign languages.
She used to say that a foreign language is very important. With the formation of independent states, it is important for the development of international contacts. More and more direct contacts are established with the countries of Europe, with the United States and other English speaking countries. Consider the economic development in our country, she said, hundreds of joint ventures spring up in every city, every industrial and cultural centre,
and also in the countryside. They need specialists who have a command of one or two foreign languages. The thing is that foreign businessmen and delegations keep coming to our country, and they all need interpreters.
Our experts, tourists and businessmen go abroad. It is best that every visitor should be able to find his way about in an English-speaking community without any interpreters. So many people study foreign languages in every possible way. Foreign-language study groups are organized at industrial enterprises, at managerial offices of big firms, at research institutes - in a word, everywhere. Teachers of foreign languages are in great demand. Such teachers needn't fear they may remain unemployed. Again, lots of new text-books, manuals, phrase-books in the European languages are required. The market awaits them. So if a certain youngster decides on the Institute of Foreign Languages or linguistic University he can do a lot of research work upon graduation as well.
As for me I like teaching. I dream of teaching English to pupils. In my view it is a noble and interesting profession.
I think my favourite subject is really worth studying.

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