Dear Grandma, I'm so happy to wtite you again. It's almost Easter and I'm sad because I won't be with you this year. Well, I'm going on a trip next week with my classmates, at Sibiu. We are going to have a great time here. I wanted so much to go and it took me a lot to make my mom say "yes". Anyway, I hope you aren't mad and of course, I wish you and grandpa a Happy Easter. Write me as soon as you can. With love, X.


Hallo,Grandma!I miss you so much...I can't wait to see you again!I love you so much and I can's imagine my life without you,Grandma!I am very good at school and I have perfect and good friends who help me and listen me when I'm bad.I learn very much and I have perfect marks,only ten ,but,of course,I've been making an ugly spelling mistake ay math and French and I got 8...I'm sorry for it because I promised you that I'll get only ten.
I love you very much and I wait you...Get well soon!
                                                                                                          (numele tau)
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