Imi scrie si mine cineva ceva despre pisica cateva RANDURI DESPRE EA IN ENGLEZA PLZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

House cat, domestic cat or the cat is a mammal of the order carnivores, Felidae family, subfamily Felinae. It is with people for over 9500 years and is now the best-known domestic animal in everyone. The cat is very similar to the European wild cat, African wild cat like.


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Cat is a domestic animal.Her coat is of different colors black,white,brown...The cat is a animal very cute and sometimes lazy.She usually eats mice,milk and  like all good. I like the cats. :}
Ms mult Zendaya
cat is gentle
cat is a domestic animal
Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty,
I dreamed last night, in a dream:
You wash your hair, and
Put your red bow.

Dara you were angry,
You scratched cheek ...
Kitty, my dear,
Why are you so mean?

- Not bad, but they are small.
Take you to give you one paw!