Sper ca nu o sa va suparati ca o sa va scriu in engleza...dar uitati ce tema am :
Make up twelve sentences using "going to " FUTURE....deci ma puteti ajuta?

I'm going to see him later today.
They're going to launch it next month.
We're going to have lunch first.
She's going to see what she can do.
I'm not going to talk for very long.
When I retire I'm going to go back to Barbados to live.
In ten years time, I'm going to be boss of my own successful company.
I`m going to school now. Is she going to school now? He`s going to read us a story. Maria is going to prepare a cake for us. etc.. :)


I am going to sleep in 15 minutes .
I am going to brush my teeth.
You are going to destroy my paint.
They are going to play poker online.
If you are going to sleep, I will scare you .
Why you are going to write a story when you can find more information on Internet?
Don't be shy, say that you are going on Ireland .
Please come with me. Now I am going to Sarah.
Man, we are going on a party in New York.
Why you don't make a little homeworks? In next day you aren't going to your friend.
Are you going to make my film?
I am going to cook a big cocktail with Vodka !
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