O compunere de 10 randuri in limba engleza despre un animal pe cale de disparitie,vreau si traducerea in romana.

iberic laughter laughter is a flaming trees originating in Iberian peninsula in southeastern Europe.These creatures have 85-110 cm in length and weighing up to 28 kg. They have a fur shaded spots on the body. These are the most endangered species of the cat in the world.Only 400 copies existed in the world in 2000, and this number has reached lemons than 100 at present.


Ursul panda gigant este un mamifer nativ din partea central vestica si sud-vestul Chinei. Desi este un carnivor, aproximativ 99 % din alimentatia sa e reprezentata de bambus. Panda gigant are 1,5 m lungime, 75 cm inaltime si cantareste 115 kg. Populatia actuala de panda gigant este de 239 de exemplare, ce traiesc in captivitate, in China, si 27 in afara Chinei. Se presupune ca in jurul anului 1600 ursii panda gigant erau inca prezenti in salbaticie. Chiar daca numarul lor este in crestere, Uniunea Internationala pentru Conservarea Naturii este inca sceptica cu privire la excluderea acestei specii din lista de animale pe cale de disparitie.

Giant panda is a mammal native to the western central and southwest China. Although it is a carnivore, about 99% of their diet is bamboo represented. Giant Panda is 1.5 m long, 75 cm tall and weighs 115 kg. Current population of giant pandas is 239 copies, living in captivity in China, and 27 outside of China. Supposedly around 1600 giant pandas were still present in the wild. Even if their number is increasing, the International Union for Conservation of Nature is still skeptical about the exclusion of this species from the list of endangered animals.
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