Alcătuiți propoziții cu următoarele verbe neregulate :
Foretold , foregotten , forgave , forsaken , forswore , frozen , gainsaid , got / gotten , girt / girded , given , went , graved , ground , grown , hung , had , heard , hid , hit , held .

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She fortold me that I'll have a child.
I've forgotten your name.
I must forgave you for your mistake.
I've forsaken my boyfriend yesterday.
She's forswore her clothes.
The frozen juice is my favourite.
I gainsaid my Englesh teacher one dau ago.
He is gotten a good mark.
These girded skewers are wonderful.
We have given you some books.
When you went to your father,he cried for you.
They have graved your eggs.
George has grown very much.
In the 1st of april I told my mother that my father has hung my brother.
Last year she had a big house on this street.
I heard that they are going to close the school for 2 weeks.
I found the hid box.
I like "Hit the lights"very much!
I love this held and I'm going to buy it.
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