Dear Mary, 
We're in Brasov and we are having a great holiday.The city is wonderful,tomorrow we're going to go to Bran to see Dracula's Castle , then, on Thuesday we're going to travel Rasnov. 
Our guest house is fantastic. Mom,dad and me are going to the skating rink. After that we're going to have lunch in a really nice restaurant close to the guest house. 
This evening we're goingo to ski and take some photos of the city. 
                                     (aici iti scrii numele)
Sper sa-ti placa :3

Pff ..E draguta :3 Faza e ca nu imi trebuie scrisoare..Am nevoie de compunere..Mersii oricum ;)
I have to agree with the old belief thet a book is always better then a movie.Books leave so much more room for personal interpretation.Everyone who reads a book pictures everything in their qwn way.Whwn the movie comes qut and it isn't the way you pictured it.It can be very disapointing.
From books,you get only feelings and thoughts...From movies,you get only action.This is especially taie if a character is portrayed by a poor action.I always prefer books,as they paint a beautiful,personal image in my mind...unlike movies!
Books just have laguage while movies have language,images and sound.I can't say movies are better,but they certainly have a few advantages right there.Everybody knows that an image values as much as 1000 words...