Complete the sentences in reported speech.1)i'll phone you next week, Mariahe said that he...2)'can you play the guitar, Joe?she asked....3) we're going to a rock concert tonight.they said they....4)i don't like living here.he said....5) simon , when did you first meet Nicole?she asked...6) i saw Camila in town yesterday.he said....7)where will you get the money from, Philip?she asked....8)this is the best day of my life, he said.he said....



1.would phone the following week
2.if he could play the guitar
3.were going to a rock concert the night before
4.he did not like living there
5.when he first had met Nicole
6.she had seen Camelia in town the day before
7.where would he get the monet from
8.this was the best day of his life
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