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Human life has totally changed since arise of science and technology. We have reached upon top of our life by the help of science and technologicalthings. Science and technology has totally revived our life and taught us the way to live our life. Science and technology has not only changed our life but also our physical appearance, character, style, etc.
As science and technology has changed step wise, similarly human life has also changed steeply. It can be known by thinking that our primitive used to be chimpanzee / monkey so thought by our ancestors, then we developed a little and changed into human being living in jungle and using leaves ofplantas clothes. At last we became fully matured and emerged as a social being preferring to live in society rather than jungles. That is one of the great change that science and technology has provided to us.
Science and technology has also changed our way of living. Theworkhich we did our selfin past time is being done by  machines now-a-days. The combination of science and  technology has been done to make such robots which can do home as well as official works. It can also do works like gardening, cooking, cleaning, etc. This is also a great change by help science and technology and also a greatachievementfor scientists in field of science and technology.
So, considering all above changes with the help of science and technology we can say that prevailing of science and technology in this situation is a great change for we human beings. It’s change captured us and has also helped us a lot to raise our standard of living. 1.these pictures represent changes in our social life.
a.Natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake, tornado and windstorm affect thousands of people every year.  You should know what your risks are and prepare to protect yourself, your family and community.Recognizing an impending hazard and knowing what to do to protect yourself and your family will help you take effective steps to prepare beforehand and aid recovery after the event.Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling a supply kit and developing a family emergency plan, are the same for all types of hazards. However each emergency is unique and knowing the actions to take for each threat will impact the specific decisions and preparations you make. By learning about these specific threats, you are preparing yourself to react in an emergency.
b.Ans The role of Modern Technology and Science is increasing and has major impact on day-to-day lives of today's people, as it will in the future. One way or another, advancements in Science and Technology are affecting people all around the world, in New York and in an unknown place in Africa. Technology affects people's lives by improving medicines, provides better treatment for diseases and insures a longer life. It improves transportation by helping people move from one corner of the world to other in hours by using transportation services such as Airways, Railways, or even Bus Transportation.
3.Modern Technology changed people's lifestyle and the way they live. For example, now it's possible to surf Internet on TV, watch programs, pause Live TV, and even playback live shows. Internet surfing is a technology revolution. Because of that technology, a person could know what is happening on the other side of the world, chat with others about different matters and even talk using Instant Messaging Services. Watching TV on computers too is possible. Due to Internet, it is now possible to say that the world is at your fingertips.
Any change, even if something is being improved (going from "worse to better") requires some effort, or inconvenience, by the ones instituting the change. It also inconveniences those who must change their habits or lifestyles to adapt to that change

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