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As dori si eu un eseu argumentativ despre importanta lecturii, scris in limba engleza..in care sa se foloseasca si cateva dintre expresiile astea...

finally, therefore, however, first(ly), in my view, the main advantage of, it seems to me that, to begin with, all in all, nevertheless, the greatest disadvatages of, to my mind, second(ly), consequently, taking everything into account, even though, one advantages of, for this reason, despite the fact that, i feel(very) strongly that, to start with, all things considered, although, as a consequence


Music in the life of the adolescent is paramount because it starts as nothing else I think is successful. Unfortunately, few teenagers read more private reading in their spare time. Some of the lack of time, others because they do not like this activity, while others are attracted by computer, and no books. If a couple cannot read is primarily blame the parents. Children should be taught is still small with this habit. Sometimes even forced. Because a child neîndrumat, very rarely will do such work on his own initiative, so it is okay to share life with small children ' love for reading.
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