1) Match the openings with the correct endings to make sentences.Use the verb in brackets in the past perfect or the pas simple.
1.Nicola (know) Newquay quite well
2. Louise (not\be) to the Minack Theatre
3. Rick Ward (begin) to bully Jamie
4.After the concert Nicola (realise) that
5. Nicola (not\can) find

a) before Tom(take) them there.
b) she (forget) her jacket.
c) the person who (drop) the 20 note.
d) because she(be) there before.
e) several weeks before Jamie (tell) Tom.



1. had known -> a) took
2. wasn't -> d) had been
3. had begun -> e) told
4. realised -> b) had forgotten
5. didn't find -> c) had dropped
6 5 6