All the world's a stage" is the phrase that begins a monologue from William Shakespeare's As You Like It, spoken by the melancholy Jaques in Act II Scene VII. The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play, and catalogues the seven stages of a man's life, sometimes referred to as the seven ages of man:[1] infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, pantaloon, and old age, facing imminent death. It is one of Shakespeare's most frequently-quoted passages, and is mistakenly believed by some to be Shakespeare's last speech. In the prior work The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare had described the world as "A stage where every man must play a part"
the world is a great theater scene and we are spectators, every day do the script that God created for us, and we're complete.
merge shi tu mai departe continui......................
A stage where every man must play a part"