One day, last summer while I was trying to survive the high temperature outside, I received the best news I could have ever received. My parents were sending me on a trip to the seaside. At the moment I was thinking it will be the time of my life. Sun, water, friends, fun. But it turned out it wasn't exactly what I expected. Soon enough I was going to regret my decision of leaving. After 3 sunny days there, I decided to finally spend 1 afternoon with the other teenagers in the hotel lobby. Suddenly out of nowhere a man dressed all black entered the hotel holding a bag and a gun. -part 1
Before realised what
Before I even realised what Was happening I heard something :Call the security now, screamed the receptionist! That was the moment I realised what was going on. LUckily, I got out alive but that was for sure an experience I will never forget.