Although it is a small country that does not give evidence of the fact that here we can see the picturesque places of rare beauty. Moldova is a country very interesting, if you visit there you will never leave unhappy. All parts of the country are beautiful and have a special flair. Once you arrived in Moldova you will immediately feel the fresh air of this country.
First of all I want you to know that Moldova is a country with rich culture, traditions, folklore, with a valuable heritage. Necatind to the fact that it is one of the countries of the third world, population is hospitable and civilized. Any guests arrived in Moldova it can feel like at home, because, to us, first of all, besides his native tongue is also talking to other languages, and so anyone who came in our country will be understood.
Even if we cannot find in Moldova mountains or sea, here we can find a lot of other beautiful places worth to see, which I vizitindule I was complesita myself either celebrating or originality, or architecture, or of kindness which I have created, such as: Forests, Soroca fortress which lies 160 km away from the capital of Moldova, ChisinauSaharna monastery, old Orhei known by its mastirile cliffs and other historical monuments, Moldovan village that offers good fishing and rest at, the possibility to fish, crucian carp, white amur, Church of the assumption in Causeni, which is the oldest in Moldova, as well as many other places that deserve to be seen. I am visiting these places have opened new orizonte for me, I hear about us some startling details about the history, the tradition of Moldova.
Don't forget to mention about Moldovan cuisine which is very tasty, the best known being: Moldovian polenta, chicken soup, beef stew s. a. no celebration in Moldova does not spend without cabbage rolls, recituri, noodles with meat and poultry. Besides our national representative in Moldova you can find the best recipes from Britax. Us, we are a people that Moldovans why settle down a lead to the final and most grandiose way. Wine enthusiasts as well will be very pleased, since Moldova is a country rich in viticulture, in fact it's a country with traditions in winemaking (traditions brought here Inc. ape Dacian times). Here you can find a wide assortment of quality wines, as well as visiting the famous wine cellars of Milestii Mici (50 km), was the longest in the world, Cricova, Purcari (150 km).

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