Turn into reported speech (using past tense): 1.``clean it yourself. 2.``dont spill it on the carpet.``. 3.Go to bed and dont get up till you are called. 4.i have been walking too much. 5.we alway try to please you. 6. Elisabeth has gone to school. 7.take a cold shower before breakfast if you want to keep fit. 8.i shall try to be in time today . Im sorry i forgot to come y estrday. 9.i lost my temper yesterday morning. 10.Where are you going? 11.what is the time? 12.When will my dress be finished?




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1. She said to clean it by myself. 2. They warned me not to spill (it) on the carpet. 3. He shouted to go to bed and not to get up until I was called. 4. He complained that he'd been walking too much. 5. They said they always tried to please me.6. Mother told that Elizabeth had gone to school. 7. The trainer advised me to take a cold shower before ... if I wanted to keep fit. 8. I promised to be in time that day. 9. I admitted that I had lost my temper the morning before. 10. I asked her where she was going. 11.She asked what the time was . 12. I asked the fashion designer when my dress would be ready.