Acesta este un Răspuns Aprobat

Răspunsurile aprobate sunt corecte şi de încredere, fiind corectate de o mână de utilizatori foarte buni. Brainly are milioane de răspunsuri de înaltă calitate, toate fiind verificate cu grijă de către moderatorii din cadrul comunităţii.
I am sure you will be sorry if you give up now.
He is sure they will miss the bus.
We hope the weather will stay the same all week.
Will you help me to decorate the tree?
I think they will phone us back.
I will feed my cat.
I will get a new bike on my birthday.
She will win the beauty contest.
It will be warm tomorrow.
She will buy me a new pair of shoes.
I will move to another city.
He will have a good job.
We will find time to watch the next movie.
I will read your book.
I will eat more vegetables.
He will help me with the translation of the text.
I will start studying tonight.
Sandra will be ten years old next Monday.
Gina will visit Budapest in five weeks' time.
The match will be spectacular.