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E de pe net : When we talk about things that are generally or always true, we can use:If/When/Unless plus a present form PLUS present simple or imperativeIf he gets there before me, ask him to wait.When you fly budget airline, you have to pay for your drinks and snacks.Unless you need more space, a small car is big enough for one person.Note that we are not talking about a specific event but something which is generally true.In the condition clause, we can use a variety of present forms. In the result clause, there can only be the present simple or imperative.If you visit London, go on the London Eye.If unemployment is rising, people tend to stay in their present jobs.If you've done that, go and have a coffee.When you go on holiday, take plenty of sun cream. It'll be very hot.When I'm concentrating, please don't make so much noise.When I've finished an article, I always ask Kate to read it through.Notice that 'unless' means the same as 'if not'.Unless he asks you politely, refuse to do any more work on the project.Unless prices are rising, it's not a good investment.Unless you've been there yourself, you don't really understand how fantastic it is.
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