Put the words in the right order

1.ever it on go wanted I for to
2.Stonehenge Aliki's air father the from asked photograph to her
3.Stonehenge they to won't close get allow to people
4.her Alison to couldn't talk make boy the
5.him Sam's with uncle stay invited to Sam
6.holiday Sam's on parent's Devon let to go him
7.himself Alison about wanted her the tell boy to
8.home Aliki's comes brother she wants when her present to him a bring


Ia vezi, Ctinamaria31, şi-acum am copiat???


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6.Sam's parents let him go to Devon on holiday. 7. Alison wanted the boy to tell her about himself. 8. When Aiki's brother comes home, she wants him to bring her a present. 1. I ever wanted to go on for it. 2.Aliki's father asked her to photograph Stonehenge from air. 3. Alison couldn't make the boy talk to her. 3. They won't allow people to get close to Stonehenge. 4. Sam's father invited him to stay with Sam.
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