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         Yesterday it was a sunny day. I've been with my mom to the Mall and i've bought a lot of clothes. The green skirt is my favorite. After that she bought me a hamburger. It wasn't so good and it smells weird. Anyway, i ate it because i was hungry, but next time i will ask her to buy me a hot dog.
          In the evening we've been to the cinema and we saw a movie. It was a very sad one end at the end i could't hold myself and i cryed like a baby. My mom was very touch cause she realized that she had grow a very sensitive and empathic girl.
         In our way home she bought me a huge ice cream with vanilla, but outside was extremly hot, even it was evening and the ice cream has melted  and i made a huge stain on my t-shirt.
            We stopped to the supermarket and she bought two packs of popcorn and some peanuts for my dad.
              Overall, i think that this was the best mother-daugther day i've ever lived till now!

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