An unforgettable day of my life ! It was a cold morning in January 2004 . I looked nervously at the hanger hanging on the peg , which the night before I put a shirt and white trousers . Browse the Bible , but the pages did not listen , and all return to the first tab , which a dear soul wrote: "This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, meditate on it day and night , trying to do everything written in it , because then you will prevail in all your work and then you will have wisdom. " (Joshua 1:8).
In that day the Lord made ​​a covenant ago my Maranatha Church , Baia Mare. Hours passed in flight, and here I sat on the front bench, with the other seven souls , together with the whole church , praising God through prayer , song and listening of the Word. I call our pastor's voice in my ears , which I did after the group photo in front of the church , said this: " God bless you ."
We try to play with my future brothers and sisters , but I felt that emotions will prevail. Hear now the voice of the three children, who sang " " Yes and no, and yes, you can not link together , you can be whatever you want , you can be yes and no . " High choir chanting the glory of the Lord : " And thousands of years and tens of thousands , with You Lord i would live "-" kindness , mercy shall follow me every day in my life " - " I love you with all my heart , i love you, my Lord , the my soul " - " I will remember one day when my life changed "

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